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STONE LYONS – Owner, Creative Producer, Filmmaker

Every vision has a picture, every picture has a story, every story provokes emotion, every emotion engages an audience, and every audience has the power to take action.

Impactful messaging moves beyond spectacle. Videos that highlight an individual’s or organization’s unique character, their dreams, their motivations and their resulting actions, allows us, the viewer, to get a deeper insight into the world around them, and ourselves.

As a Washington DC-based Filmmaker, Video Producer and creative visionary, Stone is driven to interface with real people, hear their stories and craft a video that embodies their unique passion. Stone has worked with clients from San Diego to San Francisco and Fort Lauderdale to New York City and many places in between.

Stone started Stone Lyons Media in 2010 after many years working in the film and television industries of Los Angeles, Wilmington, NC and Washington, DC. His interests in short format documentary storytelling and videography combine to create compelling narratives for website promotional videos, YouTube and Facebook videos, gala videos, special event coverage, and corporate executive intros. Stone Lyons Media’s clients run the gamut from cancer advocacy groups and educational groups to corporate and legal clients.

In his spare time, Stone enjoys fencing, kayaking, cycling and photography. Stone is also an active member in the Television, Internet and Video Association of Washington DC, the Capital Area Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and the United States Fencing Association.